Personalized Marketing

Deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time with personalized customer relationship marketing.

Close the loop on your campaigns by establishing a clear line of sight between your marketing initiatives and the results they deliver. AppCard uses artificial intelligence and smart data capture to help you generate persuasive customer relationship marketing communications that drive results. If you're not launching marketing campaigns based on customer identities and purchases, your program is nothing more than a discount system. AppCard makes your data more actionable by delivering personalized messages to your customers on a 1:1 basis that increase customer satisfaction and earn true loyalty.

Create digital coupons and marketing campaigns that matter to your customers.

AppCard is the third generation of customer relationship marketing. Beyond basic blasts and trigger campaigns, AppCard uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to predict customer behavior and prevent unwanted actions. Design marketing campaigns that meet your customers’ needs and make sense for your business.

  • Proactively prevent churn and bring customers back with a “We Miss You” offer
  • Create time-restricted offers that speed up slow days and hours
  • Target top shoppers with a “Bring a Friend” offer
  • Reward customers with a gift on their birthday
  • Identify opportunities to introduce customers to new products and categories

These are only a fraction of the campaigns available via AppCard. Easily develop one-off or ongoing campaigns internally, or work with your AppCard dedicated Customer Success Manager to create custom initiatives based on marketing best practices or proven campaigns already in use by others in your industry.

A smarter way to advance your customer relationship marketing goals.

Works with any POS

Whether you use our fully integrated solution or connect using our compact external hardware, AppCard works with any POS, including these popular systems.

AppCard Gets Results

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