Artificial Intelligence

Keep an eye on the future with an
intelligent customer loyalty system.

The AppCard customer loyalty system is built on a proprietary algorithm that represents the next generation of loyalty & rewards programs. AppCard learns your customers’ unique buying cycles and delivers the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

Anticipating your customers’ next move.

The AppCard AI, whom we’ve named “Pinky,” is constantly learning. By gathering data from both loyalty and non-loyalty transactions, Pinky begins to construct a detailed picture of your customers and what drives them. Use this information to generate fully-automated, personalized marketing campaigns that reward your most loyal customers and move the sales needle.

AppCard is the smartest way to connect with customers.

Works with any POS

Whether you use our fully integrated solution or connect using our compact external hardware, AppCard works with any POS, including these popular systems.

AppCard Gets Results

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