Comprehensive Customer Loyalty Program That Drives Sales
Loyalty & Rewards

Drive sales with a seamless customer loyalty program.

AppCard is the easiest way to reward the customers that make your business successful–and keep them coming back. Our loyalty & rewards programs are totally automated, so cashiers don't have to manually enter points and customers don't have to carry around a card. Create robust, personalized rewards programs on par with those offered by big-box competitors. Once rewards data is captured, AppCard’s advanced machine learning helps you compare customer identities based on SKU-level transactions, enabling you to offer tailored incentives that encourage specific behaviors and make your customers feel valued. AppCard’s comprehensive customer loyalty program delivers highly targeted messages that yield measurable results, all from a single platform.

A smart customer loyalty program that conforms to you.

Use a proven rewards program structure or design a custom program that makes the most sense for your business. AppCard’s flexible, fully-automated platform enables you to create unique rewards programs and launch personalized marketing campaigns that run smoothly in the background, so you can focus on your business.

Powerful customer engagement solutions designed for your success.

Works with any POS

Whether you use our fully integrated solution or connect using our compact external hardware, AppCard works with any POS, including these popular systems.

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