NewsBuda Juice® Drives an Unforgettable Customer Experience, With the Integrated AppCard for Shopify

August 13, 2015

The launch of AppCard’s integrated personalized marketing and customer retention platform with Shopify’s iPad POS is taking off with healthy adoption.

We’re excited to be working with AppCard on their new embedded app, to offer Shopify POS merchants the ability to build loyalty programs,

– Guy Poirier, Head of Retail at Shopify

Buda Juice®, a Dallas-based, eight-location, juice bar merchant was among the first adopters of the AppCard for Shopify integrated solution. Buda Juice®’s rapid growth urged them to find a way to capture shopper data to both reward loyal shoppers and extract insights. AppCard’s unique tools empower Buda Juice® to communicate with and market to their shoppers with personalized, relevant offers that derive from item level purchase data and their shoppers’ preferences, ensuring repeat purchases.

“The AppCard for Shopify Loyalty Program has been a great addition. It has helped us to optimize our data capture with transactions and is increasing the customer following at Buda Juice®. It is simple to teach to new ambassadors and is an easy concept to explain to our customers,” says Jonathon Aranda, a Buda Juice® Area Manager.

As a cloud-based service company, AppCard’s offer creation tools turn data into actionable marketing. Whether through the merchant’s on-line account, account manager or fully automated triggers, AppCard instills loyalty and entices behaviors that impact shoppers’ frequency, recency and overall monetary spend. Through the AppCard platform, BudaJuice®’s VP of marketing and data analytics has gained access to marketing and spend data that allow her to truly know her shoppers’ likes and wants.

“We are excited to use the insights gained from working with AppCard for Shopify to craft innovative and fun targeted ways to engage and reward our customers and make sure their BudaJuice® experience is unforgettable,” says Karina Farquharson, VP of marketing and data analytics for Buda Juice®.

AppCard for Shopify is not just easy and fun, but it works! Within 3 months of the program’s inception, Buda Juice® has seen a very strong adoption, with more than 40% of its transactions being loyalty transactions. On average, AppCard shoppers purchase 13% more items per transaction and spend 41% more than the non-loyalty shoppers.

“We’re excited to be working with AppCard on their new embedded app, to offer Shopify POS merchants the ability to build loyalty programs,” said Guy Poirier, Head of Retail at Shopify. “We’re always looking for new tools and features that will help our merchants grow their businesses, and the new app will allow them to reward frequent shoppers, turning them into loyal customers.”

“We are excited about the new integrated solution and this partnership” said Yair Goldfinger, AppCard’s Co-Founder and CEO “The AppCard for Shopify combination provides Shopify’s brick and mortar merchants with a complete and seamless way to build a true relationship with their shoppers, enhance their customer experience, and optimize revenues.”

To learn more, please visit the AppCard for Shopify App Listing:

About AppCard Inc.

Founded in 2011 by the team behind ICQ, Dotomi and Jajah and backed by Peter Thiel, Pay-Pal co-founder and former CEO and first investor in Facebook via Founders Fund, Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, via Innovation endeavors and Jerry Yang, co-founder and ex-CEO of Yahoo, AppCard is simplifying customer retentions.

AppCard, Customer Retention Simplified! AppCard empowers retailers to communicate with and market to their shoppers, at the shoppers’ preferred touch point with personalized offers to increase customer loyalty and ensure repeat purchase. 100+ real-time analytical reports and business intelligence insights, retention as a service – dedicated account manager, and data scientist, personalized offers – manual or automatic campaign, omnichannel – Mobileapp, email, text, card and/or web account

About Buda Juice®

Buda Juice® is a 100% organic and raw, cold-pressed and glass bottled, modern grab-and-go juice retail concept with contemporary Zen design. Unprocessed cold-pressed juice ensures maximum nutrients in every sip with nothing lost through pasteurization or oxidation by blending. And Buda Juice® is unique in its unwavering focus on organic (taking no shortcuts) as well as the environment (even giving customers $1 off their next juice when they bring their bottles back). The Company’s headquarters and central kitchen are located in Dallas, Texas. Buda Juice® will have twenty company-owned stores open by the end of this year and plans to continue expanding through both company-owned and franchised locations.