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AppCard Shoppers Spend Nearly Twice As Much Per Transaction

Company Background

When Barb Hoffmann, GreenAcres’ founder, opened the original GreenAcres Market in 1994, Wichita, KS had very few health food stores. Hoffmann opened GreenAcres in an effort to make healthier food options more readily available to her community. In the nearly 30 years since the first GreenAcres Market opened its doors, they have continued to provide healthy food and a friendly environment to their shoppers at six stores across Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.


Before utilizing the AppCard platform, GreenAcres was faced with difficulty when it came to their digital rewards. GreenAcres was using an internal rewards system built into their POS system, but was unable to offer digital rewards and coupons specific to their shoppers’ needs and purchase habits.

Shoppers always want to save money, but they want to do it in a way that is convenient for them and shows them how much they are saving. AppCard’s platform offered GreenAcres an accessible, easy way for their shoppers to save money for their sales to grow.

AppCard Solution

In June 2021, GreenAcres launched their AppCard-powered program, GreenAcres Rewards. Being able to offer their shoppers a digital platform for rewards, along with personalized offers and digital coupons that fit their business, was very important to the leadership at GreenAcres. AppCard satisfied all of these requirements and more!

With the AppCard platform, GreenAcres shoppers are able to gain access to digital coupons, earn points for every dollar they spend, and keep track of their purchases in one place. Rewards, points, and coupons can be found in the AppCard mobile app or at the in-lane terminal, where Blake Herron, GreenAcres’ central department coordinator, says most shoppers clip and redeem their coupons.

Having an in-lane terminal right at the point of sale is an important aspect of AppCard’s offering. When the shopper sees their coupons right as they are getting ready to checkout, they are more likely to clip and redeem. The in-lane terminal is also more accessible for shoppers who aren’t as technologically savvy as some mobile app users. GreenAcres shoppers took to the platform very quickly, and really enjoy AppCard’s simplicity and ease of use.

Since starting with AppCard, GreenAcres has been able to both increase the number of shoppers using their rewards program and bring back lost shoppers by utilizing AppCard’s AI-driven automated and targeted offers. Shannon Hoffmann, CFO and President of GreenAcres says, “We have been very satisfied with the addition of AppCard as our loyalty program at GreenAcres Market. The ability to transition our existing rewards program to an integrated digital platform that is user friendly for our customers has allowed us to expand our offerings and make it easier for people to sign up. We have also been able to add digital coupons, targeted e-blast campaigns and manage our rewards database with ease. We are looking forward to continuing to learn all the attributes available to us through AppCard to enhance our offerings to our customers.”

Real Number Results

On average, GreenAcres shoppers who are AppCard members purchase nearly double the amount of items per transaction and spend nearly twice as much per transaction as their non-member counterparts. In addition, nearly 83% of sales at GreenAcres are member transactions. The GreenAcres team works hand-in-hand with their success manager at AppCard, C.J., to create deals and promotions they know their shoppers will love. These include $5 off a purchase with 200 points, double points the last day of every month, and other digital coupons for specific items. Happy shoppers spend more!

Shawna Thompson, General Manager at GreenAcres, says, “AppCard has helped us build onto our loyalty program and offer our customers great benefits that keep them coming back. I love that we can send offers out based on so many factors so that we can target different groups of shoppers. The onboarding process was smooth and we had our dedicated rep help us through each step.”

I love that we can send offers out based on so many factors so that we can target different groups of shoppers. – Shawna Thompson, General Manager

GreenAcres has seen incredible success and customer satisfaction with their AppCard-powered GreenAcres Rewards program. Their shoppers enjoy the easy-to-use platform, and digital coupon redemptions continue to grow. GreenAcres uses AppCard to be able to continue to provide healthy food and a friendly environment to their loyal shoppers.

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