Dash’s Market is a family-run group of four supermarkets in Buffalo, New York. The family’s food retail roots stretch back more than 100 years.  The retailer is known for its exceptional customer service and signature fresh foods departments — with many items made from scratch. The company’s Marketside Café is a popular store destination featuring  made-to-order foods.


Dash’s Market had long run its promotions through a weekly ad. However, it competes with large local chains that operate more advanced loyalty efforts. As a result, Dash’s Market aimed to launch an effective loyalty initiative to boost competitiveness by enhancing shopper engagement and; increasing retention and spend.



1-Develop a first-time loyalty program.

2-Leverage an easy-to-use solution that enables the retailer to add features over time.

3-Learn more about shoppers and their spending patterns. 

4-Gain the ability to offer shopper loyalty rewards that enhance shopper engagement, and increase both retention and spend..






Easy and simple shopper enrollment method that takes 3 sec or less. ensuring ease of use to the shopper and speed of transaction to the cashier. 


Dash’s Market began its work with AppCard at the end of December 2019. It installed AppCard’s in-lane shopper facing terminals (NTR) at POS registers and trained cashiers on how to educate shoppers about program features, signup and usage. 


The program launch was designed to immediately engage shoppers. It encouraged shoppers to sign up and opt in to receive texts and emails — and the signup itself provided enough rewards points for immediate redemptions.  Shoppers quickly learned that higher spending levels led to more points and bigger rewards.




Dash’s Market benefitted from AppCard’s integrations with other solution providers.  Thanks to  AppCard’s integration with the ShoptoCook digital marketing platform, Dash’s Market shoppers could clip coupons on the retailer’s website and use them via the AppCard loyalty program. AppCard’s integration with online shopping platform Rosie has led Dash’s Market to explore adding its loyalty effort to its E-commerce program.


The retailer benefits from a close relationship with its AppCard account associate, who brings ideas on shopper messaging, new campaign strategies and techniques to get employees engaged in the program. 


“Shoppers have appreciated the ease of sign-up and the need to only input their phone numbers to use the AppCard program,” said Alexa Dash, Director of E-commerce and Marketing, Dash’s Market. “They enjoy using the app to check their rewards status, clip digital coupons and track their purchases through the  digital receipts.”



The AppCard program enabled Dash’s Market to target shoppers, track their spending and run tiered campaigns. The retailer found the program was easy to manage using its AppCard dashboard. 


Dash’s Market is also able to leverage the built- in email capabilities to generate  from automated segments and shopper’s groups for various targeted marketing efforts. Among the retailer’s coming holiday season  plans with AppCard is to drive more advanced continuity programs to boost shopper engagement. 




AppCard’s reporting made clear how much the loyalty efforts have lifted basket sizes. In a recent campaign, shoppers spent 21% more than needed for rewards. 


“They didn’t even need to spend that much,” said Alexa of the shoppers. “The loyalty program motivated them to look at more items throughout the store.”


Dash’s Market has met its goals — and then some — with the AppCard program. 


More than 50,000 shoppers are enrolled to date.

Dash’s rewards and loyalty  members spend a little over  40% more than nonmembers, and they shop more frequently, said Dash. This is especially useful for Dash’s Market, because shoppers return to buy different day parts in the store’s service sections. 


“The efforts increase loyalty for both existing and new shoppers,” said Dash.

“Shoppers enjoy being part of the program and the reporting shows they have become more serious about shopping with us.”



AppCard is a Member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders, the Alliance offers its Members unique access to Intel technology, expertise, and go-to-market support, accelerating the deployment of best-in-class solutions. Powered by Intel CPU, AppCard J-brain ensures data is captured at the EDGE and transferred to the cloud where we run our machine learning and AI to guarantee that offers, rewards and campaigns are all personalized to shoppers and employees.