AppCard Grocery Tech Updates: Summer 2019

July 23, 2019 | Elaine Arnold

Updated Digital Coupon Interface on Terminal

Last year, we debuted our in-lane Touch Screen Terminal, which allows grocers to provide yet another way to engage shoppers with their loyalty program. Since the rollout last year, we’ve been continuing to make enhancements to the user interface which incorporates our new digital coupon workflow. Updates to the interface include a new tabbed layout which makes it easier for shoppers to toggle between their loyalty points, rewards, and punch cards, and their digital coupons.

Self Service Installation

It’s now easier than ever to get started with the AppCard Touch Screen Terminal. Once the terminal is booted up, the installation app will automatically guide you through the process.

Automatic Updates

After upgrading your terminal to version 1.07, all updates moving forward will automatically be installed, with no action required! This means faster bug fixes, speed enhancements, and easier troubleshooting for our support team.

Collect Complete Shopper Data

Via the AppCard coupon app, retailers can now collect even more shopper data than ever. Retailers can choose to make fields like Full Name, Address, Zip code available for shoppers to enter, and have the option to decide which fields are mandatory and which are optional

Pro Tip: Create a custom welcome email

When a shopper enrolls into your rewards program and shares their email, AppCard automatically sends an email that welcomes them to the program and prompts the shopper to verify their email address. Now, there’s a simpler way to send your own, customized version of the welcome email. Contact your AppCard Success Manager for more information and for help getting started with your own custom welcome email.

About Elaine Arnold

Elaine is a Senior Customer Success Manager at AppCard, the personalized marketing and rewards platform. Elaine specializes in helping independent grocers to engage their customers with data-driven marketing campaigns to grow their business.