AppCard Personalized Digital Coupons for Grocers

August 9, 2018 | Nikki Dever

AppCard coupons provide a personalized approach to delivering coupons that increases engagement and conversion

  • Content from leading brands: AppCard aggregates 200-500 coupons every month from leading content providers and brands
  • Personalize Coupons with AI: AppCard uses artificial intelligence to deliver a personalized selection of coupons to your shoppers based on their item-level purchase history
  • In-lane enrollment: Shoppers can easily enroll and check in via the AppCard touch screen terminal
  • Automated redemption: Coupons are automatically applied to transactions as qualifying items are scanned at the point of sale
  • Add missed coupons: If a shopper missed a coupon for a scanned item, they will be prompted to add it for their next visit
  • Real-time reporting: Retailers and brands have full visibility into coupon engagement and redemptions
  • Simplified coupon clearing: AppCard has partnered with a leading clearing house to make the clearing process fast and simple

About Nikki Dever

Nikki is the Director of Marketing at AppCard, a data-driven marketing platform for brick and mortar businesses.