Loyalty Program Promotion Ideas That Your Customers (and Employees) Will Love

May 30, 2017 | Elaine Arnold

Your loyalty program should be about more than offering discounts. Your loyalty and rewards program should be engaging and fun in order to keep your customers coming back for more. Here are some ways to enhance your loyalty program to create a culture of customer engagement that’s aimed at truly earning your customers’ loyalty.

Points catalog items that aren’t discounts

Let your customers show off their loyalty! A truly loyal customer will appreciate the opportunity to wear their status like a badge of honor. Consider adding some of these non-discount incentives to help increase customer engagement and brand affinity.

  • X points = swag item
  • X points = name your own menu item
  • X points = VIP shopping experience for you and your friends
  • X points = donate x amount to a charity related to your business

Non-purchase bonus points

Your loyalty program doesn’t need to simply reward customers for their purchases or their visits. Strengthen your brand community by rewarding customers for all their interactions with your brand. Make sure your customers know that you appreciate their support in all different forms, both online and offline!

  • X follower on social media account gets y bonus points!
  • Bring a friend and get x bonus points
  • Fill out a survey for x bonus points
  • Write a review for x bonus points
  • Use our hashtag on instagram for x points

Everyday service perks for top-tier customers

Everyone knows that your top spending customers account for a majority of your business. Make sure you’re treating them with the level of service they deserve. These everyday perks will make your VIP customers proud to continue to frequent your store.

  • Expedited check out
  • Special parking spaces
  • Early access to special events or pre-sale items
  • Free consultations with an in-store expert

Use your rewards program to delight employees

Keeping customers engaged in your loyalty program starts with educating and training your employees. Create incentives to reward your cashiers for signing up customers, and encouraging customers to redeem their points.

  • Reward for most new member sign ups each month
  • Host a party for employees (and customers!) when you reach a new membership goal
  • Reward the cashier who signs up xth program member
  • Reward the cashier who has the highest % of their transactions loyalty customers

About Elaine Arnold

Elaine is a Senior Customer Success Manager at AppCard, the personalized marketing and rewards platform. Elaine specializes in helping independent grocers to engage their customers with data-driven marketing campaigns to grow their business.