AppCard Rewards & Personalized Marketing for ShopKeep POS

March 29, 2017 | Elaine Arnold

AppCard for ShopKeep allows business owners to quickly and easily launch a rewards program that their customers will love.

It’s well documented that the cost of gaining a new customer is around 7x the cost of customer retention. One of the most effective customer retention strategies is to introduce a rewards program to keep customers coming back, and earning their loyalty. AppCard is the preferred marketing and loyalty platform for ShopKeep businesses. A fully integrated solution, AppCard for ShopKeep allows business owners to enroll customers and redeem points right from the ShopKeep iPad.

Simple for customers and cashiers

There’s no additional iPads or equipment required, as AppCard is accessed via the ShopKeep iPad. The customer enrollment process is super easy with AppCard for ShopKeep. The cashier simply swipes to access AppCard via the ShopKeep POS, and enters the customer’s mobile number.  That’s it! This means business owners can keep their lines moving, and customers only need to remember their mobile number to earn points on their purchases. Of course, AppCard for ShopKeep also gives business owners the option to use physical rewards cards that they can swipe at the POS before the transaction, but most customers prefer the ease of identifying themselves with their mobile number.

Totally automated rewards program

One of the most impressive features of AppCard for ShopKeep is that everything is fully automated. If you design a program that awards points per dollar spent, the points are automatically deposited into the customer’s AppCard account after the transaction is tendered via ShopKeep. No manual points entry! If you design a punch card program, the customer’s digital punch card is automatically punched if a qualifying item is purchased. This makes AppCard for ShopKeep a truly set-it-and-forget-it rewards program.

Marketing & personalization

Through the AppCard rewards program, business owners are able to gather a wealth of customer data including last visit, items purchased, and total amount spent. With AppCard, you can turn this valuable insight into personalized marketing campaigns aimed at increasing visits, ticket value, and more. AppCard’s marketing automation suite allows business owners to create SMS, email, and mobile marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. Send personalized offers and product recommendations to customers based on their purchase history, and easily track the ROI on campaigns via the campaign results dashboard, totally closing the loop on your marketing efforts.

Reports & dashboards

For multi-location businesses, AppCard gives total visibility into the health of the entire network. Owners can drill down into the AppCard reports to view sales reports across multiple locations or drill down into individual locations. With over 100 reports, AppCard gives ShopKeep business owners the ability to view total number of sales, average transaction value, top products, and product pairings.

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Elaine is a Senior Customer Success Manager at AppCard, the personalized marketing and rewards platform. Elaine specializes in helping independent grocers to engage their customers with data-driven marketing campaigns to grow their business.